Druck, Temperatur und Durchfluß
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Our delivery program

Primary differential pressure devices
Orifice plate with annular Chambers
Orifice plate with single bore
Orifice plate
Segmental orifice plate
Metering pipe
Norm nozzle
Venturi nozzle
Classic Venturi pipe

Transmitters and Sensors
Pressure transmitter
Differential pressure transmitter
Flow transmitter
Temperature transmitter
Temperature sensor
Pressure gauge
Oxygen analyzer

Shut-off valves

Supplementary products
Temperature controllers

Delivering program
Temperature transmitter, Temperature sensor

Resistance thermometers and thermocouples

with protective fittings for industrial applications

Resistance thermometers and thermocouplesStandard designs resistance thermometer:
Screw-in type - resistance thermometer
Flange type - resistance thermometer
Welded type - resistance thermometer

Type of measurement: Pt 100 / 0 to DIN 43762 in 2-3 - 4 - wire method
Accuracy class: standard IEC 751 and EN 60751, Class A or Class B
Protection tube materials: protecting tube up to 1000 ° C (depending on material)


Standard thermocouples types:
Designs same as resistance thermometers
additional configurations such as angle - thermocouples

Resistance thermometers and thermocouples
Type of measurement: type R PtRh13-Pt, type S PtRh10-Pt, type B PtRh30-PtRh6, type K NiCr-Ni, Type J Fe-CuNi Type L Fe-CuNi
Accuracy class: standard DIN EN 60584, Part 1 and Part 2
Class 1, for thermocouples type L,
couples to standard DIN 43710
Protection tube materials:

protecting tube up to 1200 °C (depending on material)
1.4762, 1.4148, 1.4749, St35 enamelled, ceramic protection
tubes to 1800 °C, gas-tight or porous (depending on the ceramic) type 530, 610, 710


Temperature Transmitter

Temperature TransmitterStandard designs:
Installation in connection head for resistance thermometers and thermocouples or for cabinet installation

Circuit types: 2, 3, 4-wire method
Measuring ranges:
resistance thermometer

- 200 to + 850 °C
- 270 to + 1800 °C
- from 0 to 700 Ohms, 0 to 5 kOhm
- 400 to 1200 mV DC 
Output: 4-20 mA / HART
Power supply: 12 - 30 V DC