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Our delivery program

Primary differential pressure devices
Orifice plate with annular Chambers
Orifice plate with single bore
Orifice plate
Segmental orifice plate
Metering pipe
Norm nozzle
Venturi nozzle
Classic Venturi pipe

Transmitters and Sensors
Pressure transmitter
Differential pressure transmitter
Flow transmitter
Temperature transmitter
Temperature sensor
Pressure gauge
Oxygen analyzer

Shut-off valves

Supplementary products
Temperature controllers

Delivering program
Orifice plate with annular chambers, Metering pipe

Orifice plate with annular chambers

are used for flow of gases, vapors and liquids.
Construction: replaceable orifice plate with ring chambers corresponding DIN 19205
The installation in the pipeline is between flanges.
The normal length is 65 mm or 40 mm, if required special lengths are possible.
Marking on the handle-plate: Tag.No, nominal size, bore, material, + on the non-beveled side.

Orifice plate with annular chambers
Nominal pressure: PN 6 to PN 160
Nominal size: DN 50 to DN 1600
Seals: smooth, with a return, with groove
Materials: ring chambers normal steel, 1.0460
orifice, normal stainless steel, 1.4571
Tappings: normal steel, 1.0305

Other materials according to specification, or by application.
Certificates of Materials according to EN 10204 will be according to need or desire delivered.
The calculation of the orifice according to standard EN ISO 5167-1 and Directive 97/23/EC.


Metering pipes

Metering pipes