Druck, Temperatur und Durchfluß
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Our delivery program

Primary differential pressure devices
Orifice plate with annular Chambers
Orifice plate with single bore
Orifice plate
Segmental orifice plate
Metering pipe
Norm nozzle
Venturi nozzle
Classic Venturi pipe

Transmitters and Sensors
Pressure transmitter
Differential pressure transmitter
Flow transmitter
Temperature transmitter
Temperature sensor
Pressure gauge
Oxygen analyzer

Shut-off valves

Supplementary products
Temperature controllers

Delivering program
Pressure gauge, Differential pressure gauge

Bourdon tube pressure gauge

for pressure measurements of gases, vapors and liquids

Bourdon tube pressure gauge
Form / Material: bayonet case, stainless steel
Case diameter: 100, 160 mm
Movement: stainless steel
Process connection: G 1/2 B, radial, steel
Display/range: 600 mbar to 400 bar
Accuracy class: 1 (EN 837-1/6)
Versions: with / without glyzerine filling
with / without border switches
Protection class: IP 65


Diaphragm pressure gauge

for pressure measurement / display of gases, vapors and liquids

Housing: bayonet case, stainless steel
Diameter: 100,160 mm
Movement: stainless steel
Connection: G 1/2 B, radial, steel
open flange DN 15, 20, 25, 50 and PN 40
Display/range: 10 mbar to 25 bar
Accuracy class: 1,6 (EN 837-3/6)
Versions: with / without glyzerine filling,
with / without border switches
Protection class: IP 54